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Free Canadian Credit Report!  Canada residents can get a free credit report by mail.

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Since your credit report and score can change from day to day, it is to your advantage to learn what is impacting your score and where you rank among Canadian consumers. Since your credit report may be the first indication of identity theft it is of critical importance to be alerted when new accounts, address changes, and potential fraud patterns appear in your file. Since your debt affects your financial picture, you will find it revealing to see graphically what portion of your income is going toward your debt, the way potential lenders may see you.

Checking my credit report



What is in your Canadian credit report?

Identification information. Name, address (and previous address), Social Insurance Number, telephone, birth date, employment. 

Online credit report and scoreCredit history.  Your credit accounts and loans with retail stores, banks, finance companies, credit unions and others, showing balances, credit limits, late payments, and on-time payments. 

Public records. Judgments, bankruptcies, registered items.

Inquiries.  A record of who has seen your credit report.




What is not shown on your Canadian credit report?

Your Canadian credit report does not include medical history, nor does it include any of the following:

Purchases not made on credit.

Debts for which you are not personally liable. (For example, debts of your business, in some cases.)

Debts with creditors that chose not to report to the credit bureau.

Race, creed, colour, ancestry, ethnicity or political affiliations.

In the news: Bank and retail security breaches pose an identity theft risk.  Government officials differ over legislation needed to protect consumers from the credit fraud that may result.

TransUnion Canada says get your credit report "once a year or three months before a major purchase," and tells why it is important to do so.


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