Personal Credit Report Sample

Your TransUnion Canada credit report has several sections. Most of the information has been provided by financial institutions where you've made credit transactions.  If your name is specified differently (or misspelled) in a company's files, the variation will likely appear as an alias, next to "also known as."

Personal information is first.* Depending on whether or not the information is known to the credit bureau, your name, aliases, date of birth, phone number, employer, address, and previous addresses are included.

The consumer statement is shown next. If, for example, you want to give your side of the story for a disputed delinquency, it appears here.

The summary section of your credit profile gives a count of open and closed accounts, delinquencies, estimated total payments, and a count of how many credit grantors have looked at your credit report over the last two years.

The main part of your credit file is the account history.

For each financial institution that has reported granting you credit, the current account status is shown, as well as a payment history, and summary information.

Your credit report shows how many times you've been 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days late, how much is currently past due, and, if applicable, your credit limit.

You can see when each account was opened, when the creditor most recently reported your status to the credit bureau, and whether or not this is a joint account (with responsibility for repayment shared by someone else.)

Your accounts may be classified as revolving accounts (open end term), installment accounts (fixed terms and regular payments,) collection accounts, and others.

Where applicable, banking information, public records, inquiries, and creditor contacts are listed.

You'll want to pay particular attention to the Inquiries section.  It shows the creditors that have seen your credit report over the past two years.

Important: Unexpected inquiries, accounts, or previous addresses can be simple errors, or they can be evidence of possible identity theft. Be sure to investigate anything that appears to be incorrect on your credit profile.

*Illustration only. Credit report layout and contents may change.

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