Canada Credit Report Basic Information

Credit report access.

When you've provided consent to access your credit report, the lender, landlord, or other financial institution contacts the credit bureau, usually automatically by computer.

The credit bureau, within seconds, assembles a credit report using the credit information in its files.

Buy a house on good credit

The credit bureau does not decide or recommend.

That is up to the companies that grant credit and lend money, and they all have their own standards for doing so. They use credit information on a credit report to help in making a decision, but they may use other information, such as your income or bank balance, as well.

What are the benefits of credit reports?

Credit reports make credit buying fast, easy and safe for qualified applicants. Home ownership, automobile ownership, and the convenience of purchasing by credit card are just some of the benefits of credit reports in our society today.

You can see what they'll see. Your own Canadian credit report is here...

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