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Canadian Credit Report Check-up

Why it's important to see your Canadian Credit Report now.

If your credit report contains inaccuracies, it can mean higher monthly payments, or denial of credit when its time to get a new loan, mortgage, or credit card. 

Your credit report can alert you to possible instances of credit fraud or identity theft.

You credit report is a valuable tool that can help you assess personal credit availability, as well as liabilities and financial position.

Understand how lenders evaluate you.  Get a Canadian credit check-up now!

Your credit report includes...

Canada credit history with information from the last 6 years: Your credit accounts, on-time and late payment record, former employers and residence addresses, collections activity, and more.

All this in an easy to understand, consumer credit report format, with a "help" page that explains each item.

In addition,  a Canadian credit rating, which provides you a personalized analysis of how your lending patterns have affected your credit - good and bad.

At your fingertips!

It's smart, and it's easy...

Smart: With reliance on credit these days, and with the dangers of credit fraud, watching your credit report has become as important as watching your bank statement.

If your credit report has errors, it is likely that you're the only person who's going to recognize them. Get your credit report to make sure it represents you accurately!

Order your Canadian credit report and make sure it is right!

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