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Is federal identity theft legislation needed?  B.C., Alberta and Quebec have laws that force banks and retailers to notify consumers when personal data has been stolen, but some argue that the Canadian government should pass breach notification laws.

According to a new free guide book by The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, credit reports and credit scores are important if you want to get a credit card, a mortgage, or rent an apartment.

RCMP are investigating an Equifax Canada security breach. Notices indicating "lost or stolen identification" will appear on the 600 affected consumers' credit reports.

The Canadian Bankers Association tells how to recognize "phishing", a form of email fraud, and recommends checking your credit report (Equifax or TransUnion Canada) once a year.


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Published online by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Credit Cards and You provides a guide to credit cards, including comparisons. The latest edition includes new topics about payment delays, secured credit cards, cash advances, and more.

Getting in debt over your head can mean a bad credit report. Canadian consumers advised: Check your credit rating every year to see where you stand, and correct errors.

Get your online credit report, Canada residents only. Establishing credit? Consider a local credit union.

Be safe. Check your credit report at least once a year!

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